Welcome to Female Financial

Financial security is important, especially in todays difficult economic climate. Your reasons for saving make very personal statements about your priorities and dreams. Which is why, at Female Financial Ltd., we won’t simply be telling you what to do with your own money. Our approach is much more holistic than the simple parade of products that so often passes for financial advice.
We’ll start by talking with you (not to you) to establish where you are today, your dreams and aspirations, plans for tomorrow, the opportunities and challenges you face, and whether we can help. We take pride in properly understanding what motivates our clients to help us find the best arrangements for your needs; arrangements that, because they’ve been arrived at in a two-way professional partnership, will last .
As your circumstances change however we need to ensure that whatever we have agreed is flexible enough to accomodate these changes and we will review your plans at least every year, or earlier if you prefer, to make sure you are still on track to your chosen goals.

As a client of Female Financial, you’ll find the clear thinking and clear solutions that you demand.

Susann Külhas