Pensions are changing with the introductions  of compulsory  schemes where employers must contribute for you. The reason is  massive advancements in medical science which means all of us are living much longer so we, along with our employer, needs to take responsibility for our income in retirement.   Some of us will  still  be working until 68 if reliant on the state. The chances are the state pension will be pushed back again and again or may possibly even disappear eventually.

Recent research showed that some of our children of 5 yrs old today  could live as long as 150 yrs old. 

Currently retirement can last 30 years or more  and failing to act  could cost us a better  quality of life in our golden years. Pensions don’t have to be high-risk investments in stocks and shares. You can invest in other assets like cash, gilts, commercial property *, fine wines or even environmental funds such as Agricultural land*  – and still get valuable tax relief.

From April 2015, it will be easier than ever to access  your money from your retirement plans  with the introduction of new, far more flexible pensions legislation.

There are some key questions you need to ask yourself to help you and us work  towards planning for your retirement

  • when do  you  want stop working?
  • how much in todays money will  you need each month to be able to have a decent quality of life?
  • who else will be dependent on your  income after retirement?
  • do you have any health problems?
  • how much investment risk can you accept to achieve your  goals?

Your life Your needs  Your goals.

Future Financial Needs

*Funds that invest in property and land can be difficult to sell and you may not be able to sell/cash in this type of investment when you want to. The value of property is generally a matter of valuer’s opinion rather than fact.